Alumni Association

There is a registered Alumni Association in the College. Students after passing the final examinations are expected to join the Association. The authority expects a positive interaction between the present and the past students of the college through this association.


Body of Alumni Association is as following:

Chair Person:
Dr. Ramesh Kar (Principal)
Advisor: Prof. Sadhunath Kundu (Co-Ordinator of IQAC)

 Mrs. Rimpi Saha (S.A.C.T in Computer Science) 

President: Mr. Subrata Bhadra
Vice President: Mr. Sumit Santara
Joint. Secretary:

Mr.Badal Barman,Mrs. Rimpi Saha (S.A.C.T in Computer Science)

 Treasurer:  Mr. Abani kumar Dutta
Members of Executive body:

  Gita Das, Bhola Prasad



1. To maintain records of all ex-students and ex-teachers of the college.

2. To foster and promote feelings of friendship and close relations among the ex-students of the college.

3. To provide a forum for the alumni for exchange of ideas on social and academic issues.

4. To initiate and co-operate in any such enterprise pertaining to the promotion of the best interest of the college.

5. Any other objectives which will be decided by the majority at the Annual General Meeting for the benefits of the ex-students, the students and college.