Department of Physics


Department of Physics was established in 1984. The department offers B.Sc General Course in Physics (PHSG) with CBCS and CCF System as per University of Calcutta norm.

  • Involvement of Physics departments/units
  • Department of Electronics (General)
  • Environmental Studies (CVAC)
  • Laboratory

The department has a well-equipped laboratory for non-electronics, electronics, optics, electrical and heat related Practical. The department also has a dark room for light related Practical.

  • Computational and other Facilities

 The department has computer and Internet facilities. It also has a classroom with LCD projector. Simulation and different application software based computational facilities.

  •  Departmental Library

The department has a departmental library containing more than 50 books on mathematical physics, electronics, mechanics, current electricity, practical physics, and modern physics.

Faculty Profile

Mr. Soumya Saha
Assistant Professor

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Dr. Abdul Khaleque
Assistant Professor

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Mr. Masud Karim Sarkar

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Department of Physics Programme and Course Outcome - CCF(2022)
Three year B.Sc. - Multidisciplinary(MDC)
Department of Physics Programme and Course Outcome - CBCS
B.Sc. (General)
  •  Physics Under Graduate Syllabus (CCF)


  •  Physics Under Graduate Syllabus (CBCS)


Tulsi-Falguni Memorial Prize Awarded for the topper in B.Sc Physics General, donated by Prof. Debdas Dey (Associate Professor, Department of Political Sciences), in Memory of his parents.

  • One day Educational Tour at Science City Kolkata was held on 13th March, 2015.
  • One-day educational tour at Science City, Kolkata was held on 19th March, 2019.
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  • Students from the Department of Physics participated in various events including the Model Exhibition, Quiz contest of Bongiyo Bigyan Utsav which was held at Chandernagore College on 17-18 Feb, 2015.
  • Science Exhibition at College campus from 26th to 28th Feb, 2018.
  • One Day National Seminar on 'Nanotechnology' on 31/01/2019.
  • International Webinar on "Dynamic Survival Analysis of Epidemics and How COVID-19 Shaped It ", by Dr. Wasiur R. KhudaBukhsh, President’s Postdoctoral Scholar at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute at the Ohio State University, USA, 18/07/2020 at 6 PM. Platform: Google Meet, Organizing Departments: Mathematics and Physics.
  • International Webinar on "Dielectric Nanophotonics as an Alternative to Nanoplasmonics" by Dr. Uttam Manna, Illinois State University, USA, Jointly Organized by Department of Electronics and Physics, 06/09/2020, at 6 PM, Platform: Google Meet.