Anti-Ragging Cell 

College has formed Anti-Ragging Cell and Anti-Ragging Squad as per the UGC guidelines.According to the UGC regulation (no: UGC-RAG/C/96(15)/SCHE/2009) circulated on April 13, 2009, ragging in higher educational institutions is strictly prohibited and totally banned, and anyone found guilty of ragging is liable to be punished in any one or more than one way.Anti-Ragging Committee/Cell of Bidhan Chandra College, Rishra, of Academic year 2024-25.              


 Representative        Position 
Dr. Ramesh Kar (Principal)    Chairman
1. Prof. Shawli Roy Basu  (Associate Prof in Economics)    Convenor
2. Dr. Chinmoy Mishra (Assistant Prof. in Sanskrit)    Member
3. Dr. Arup Bijali (Librarian-Day Dept.)    Member
4. Prof. Saptaparna Saha (Assistant Prof. in English)     Member 
5. Dr. Md. Saifuddin (Assistant Prof. in Mathematics)   Member
6. Prof. Partha Manna (SACT-Dept. of Commerce)   Member
7. Prof. Abir Sen   (SACT-English Dept.)     Member
8. Sri Ashis Das    (Head Clerk, Day Dept.)   Member
Any two representatives from student community



The college has a well-built Anti-Ragging mechanism followed as per the UGC guidelines:

1. Adequate publicity through various medium (like Notice board, Displaying of posters visible at prominent places etc.)

2. Installation of CCTV cameras covering significant areas of the college premises

3. Organising Anti-Ragging awareness programme among the students specially among newcomers.

4. Anti-Ragging declaration undertaken from the newly admitted students and their parents as well (as per UGC guidelines).

4. Regular interaction and counselling with the students, identification of trouble-triggers etc.


Link to submit Anti-Ragging form: https://forms.gle/Wu52jJ49pqybTfwz6